I eat, therefore I am. Food is personality

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I eat, therefore I am. Food is personality

For Sasha Wang, born and raised in China, Florentine by adoption, and a lover of Italian cuisine, the food experience is an essential part of life and one’s personality.

Sasha Wang

Born and raised in China, I moved to Italy 5 years ago and has been living in Florence ever since. Cooking is a huge part in my life.

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1. What does food mean to you?


Food makes who I am! I once heard a saying: the hardest habit to change is the habit of your stomach! The food I had been fed growing up made the person I am today. And it will remain part of me for all my life.


Besides, all the experience related to food (helping in the kitchen, cooking and eating with family, etc) makes an essential part of my life. 



2. Which food products do you eat most?


Dried pasta and noodles. I can’t avoid cooking pasta while married to an Italian. Meanwhile I also keep training my son to use chopsticks. So, eating noodles is a good exercise from time to time.


We also consume wheat flour, as I enjoy making my own dumplings and baozi at home.



3.  Which values do you take into consideration doing grocery shopping?


I choose to buy food ingredients rather than processed products. The more it is close to its original form, the more I prefer. 



4. Which, in your opinion, are the most relevant trends for the future of the food sector? 


I believe using organic and clean ingredients in your daily meal will be more and more important.


Also, food from km0 and less processed is very much embraced by many chefs and restaurants these days. I think it would lead the trend in our dining habit in the future. 



5. Which innovative food will be most successful?


Less processed, organic and sustainably sourced food.



6. Do you think young people have different consumer patterns from an older generation?


Definitely! We are living in a fast-paced time. Everything needs to be convenient. More and more young people prefer to eat food readymade, rather than prepare it from scratch. These days you can hardly see any young gen make fresh pasta at home. They would probably choose to go to a fast food restaurant or place home delivery on a mobile app. 



7. Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack: what will we be eating in 10 years?


This is a hard question, and also quite personal. I believe (and hope) with leading influencers in the market, more and more organic and clean ingredients will be involved in our daily meals.


In my personal opinion, for breakfast we should consume food mainly contains fibbers and protein. Then snack in between meals to supply additional energy. For lunch a little bit of everything: meat, vegetables and bread/ rice. So that we take more proteins and fibbers, as well as carbs. For dinner I prefer to eat simple and small portion. Fresh fruit and vegetables can play major part in it. I think it is healthier to go to sleep without a full stomach.



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