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An international network in 50 countries

The TUTTOFOOD team includes a specialised network of sales agents who are experts in the food industry in 50 countries throughout the world.

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A digital platform, which offers great added value, that makes it possible to see the wealth of multimedia content before, during and after the show.

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Food sciences at TUTTOFOOD

TUTTOFOOD becomes a hub of innovation for the food and agriculture industry with its Spazio Nutrizione, which includes a programme of conferences and medical/scientific courses.

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Gelato, ready meals, pasta, bread, pizza, pastry items, seafood
Hard and soft cheeses, blue cheese, rich cheese, stretched cheese, pressed cheese, aged cheese, smoked cheese, fresh cheese, vegetable cream spreads, butter, milk, cream, ricotta, yogurt
Meat, cured meats, game, offal, entrails, ready-made dishes
Biscuits, candies, sugared almonds, nougat, chocolate, cream spreads, desserts, sweeteners, decorations for the confectionary industry, honey
Smoked fish, dried fish, tinned fish, fresh fish, processed and packaged fish
Mineral water, beer, coffee and the like, energy drinks, functional beverages, food & beverage for outside the home, wine, liquor and spirits
Flour, broth and soups, preserves, marinated food items, pickled food items, dried fruit, mushrooms, truffles, marmalades, mostarda, rice, grains, legumes, spices, aromas, eggs and related products.
Macrobiotic products, herbal products, vegan products, organic products
Bread, pizza, ready-made bases, snacks
Delicatessen, freeze-dried ready-made meals, sauces and condiments, typical regional products
Oil, vegetable fats
Fresh pasta, dry pasta, filled pasta


Photogallery and latest news

30 May
Continuous success but it hasn’t gone to the industry’s head
Fresh on the heels of the celebrations for the historic event that saw our wine exports "overtaking" those of our "cousins " and eternal rivals, the French, (2.7 hl as compared to 1.8 hl ), the Italian alcoholic beverage industry is preparing to celebrate another example of our leadership from...
30 May
As easy to drink as a glass of water
Last year, Italians literally "drank up" at least 2,382 million euros . According to IRI data, it all adds up to a lot. The value of drinks and juices alone in our country's mass-distribution channel in 2015, growing 2.2% on the previous year. Specifically, drinks grew by 2.4% (1,643 million...
30 May
TUTTOFOOD rewards history, from tradition to innovation
TUTTO FOOD is celebrating the oldest tradition of excellence. Organized in partnership with the Lombardy Region, the Directorate General for Economic Development , the initiative combined Fiera Milano and TUTTO FOOD’s award for historic companies (older than 100) in the food industry in Italy and abroad with a similar award...
30 May
Thrilling flavours in the world of frozen foods
How can we reconcile the fact that our lifestyles are ever more frenetic with the growing need for quality and natural products? If, like most of us, you can’t do your shopping on a farm on the weekends, frozen foods could be a good solution. This is a way of...
30 May
A sea of quality offerings
In the last few years, the seafood industry has been dealing with an atypical situation characterized by a growing scarcity of resources, sudden, rapid fluctuations in prices and a change in the key players on the landscape. In 2015, the tuna market 2015 saw growth in value (+.7%) and a...
30 May
What a sweet comeback for consumer figures
This data from IRI is very recent. Among the many negative signs, in March, products for special occasions (+1.5%) and sweets for between meals (.9%) had the most luck. Limited progress that, however, still represents a trend . This isn't random and isn't only a result of an increase in...
30 May
Organic products and "treats" save packaged foods
Italians are allowing themselves a few more “ treats ,” especially to celebrate special occasions. They are now once again allowing themselves the "luxury" of meat . And when it comes to pasta, they prefer fresh over dry. Above all, they are increasingly seeking things that are natural . These...
30 May
Spazio Nutrizione: science and industry teaming up for quality food
Spazio Nutrizione, the top event in Italy for bringing together science and professionals from the world of nutrition , had an excellent debut when it launched in Milan this year. In fact, the first edition, a partnership between TUTTO FOOD and the Akesios Group , ended on Saturday 7 May...
30 May
Milano and Verona are joining forces when it comes to wine and fruit and vegetables
Veronafiere and Fiera Milano are toasting to a new important successful milestone for further establishing the wine industry, which absolutely represents Italian excellence. The two most important Italian exhibition companies have signed an agreement for joint initiatives as part of TUTTO FOOD 2017 and, specifically, for a space/event organized by...
27 May
Milan, 27 May 2016 – Can you ask a “lady” her age? Especially when the youngest has just hit the 100-year mark and the most veteran is…more than 400 years old. And yet they are more dynamic and attractive than ever. These are the “signoras” of food & beverage in...


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