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The Global Food Innovation Summit at TUTTOFOOD

Seeds&Chips, this year with TUTTOFOOD, is one of the top Food Innovation events worldwide that brings food & technology together from farm to fork and beyond!

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A digital platform, which offers great added value, that makes it possible to see the wealth of multimedia content before, during and after the show.

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Food sciences at TUTTOFOOD

TUTTOFOOD becomes a hub of innovation for the food and agriculture industry with its Spazio Nutrizione, which includes a programme of conferences and medical/scientific courses.

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Gelato, ready meals, pasta, bread, pizza, pastry items, seafood
Hard and soft cheeses, blue cheese, rich cheese, stretched cheese, pressed cheese, aged cheese, smoked cheese, fresh cheese, vegetable cream spreads, butter, milk, cream, ricotta, yogurt
Meat, cured meats, game, offal, entrails, ready-made dishes
Biscuits, candies, sugared almonds, nougat, chocolate, cream spreads, desserts, sweeteners, decorations for the confectionary industry, honey
Smoked fish, dried fish, tinned fish, fresh fish, processed and packaged fish
Mineral water, beer, coffee and the like, energy drinks, functional beverages, food & beverage for outside the home, wine, liquor and spirits
Flour, broth and soups, preserves, marinated food items, pickled food items, dried fruit, mushrooms, truffles, marmalades, mostarda, rice, grains, legumes, spices, aromas, eggs and related products.
Macrobiotic products, herbal products, vegan products, organic products
Bread, pizza, ready-made bases, snacks
Delicatessen, freeze-dried ready-made meals, sauces and condiments, typical regional products
Oil, vegetable fats
Fresh pasta, dry pasta, filled pasta


Photogallery and latest news

20 Mar
Milan, 20 March 2017 - Some are acquired, such as the QR codes that have made packaging "smart", or the georeferenced apps that monitor cultivated land via GPS ; and others will amaze us in years to come, such as apps enabling us to optimize resources based on weather conditions...
07 Mar
ITA, the added value of a historical expertise on international markets
In the past few years, quality agro-food has become a true social phenomenon . A fact that is benefiting Italy’s products . According to ISTAT , figures re-elaborated by Coldiretti , in 2016, the export of Italian agro-food products reached a record-breaking € 38 billion , thanks to a 3%...
07 Mar
A red carpet for the best Italian food
A parade of the best products of the best companies. We are talking about #atuttobrand, the new initiative within TUTTO FOOD 2017, in which the excellence of agro-food companies will be awarded. The event is promoted by two specialised magazines, GDOWEEK and MarkUp . Six awards up for grabs. The...
07 Mar
Fish, a healthy source of proteins directly from the sea
Maybe because it’s a valid source of protein alternative to meat. Or maybe for its numerous nutritional properties , such as the precious presence of Omega 3 fatty acids. Or just because more often it comes in practical and ready-to-eat formats. The fact is that the consumption of fish in...
07 Mar
French cheese for Italians. Italian cheese in the world
The gap is getting smaller but Italy’s love for foreign cheeses remains as strong as ever. CLAL – a dairy industry analyst – has estimated that from January to November 2016, Italy has imported 475,836 tons ( +1.7% ) and exported 355,010 tons (+8.84%). This trend has been going on...
07 Mar
Super food in taste and service
The magic word that should blend health and taste, tradition and innovation, at least according to the foodies, is superfood . What is a superfood ? Does it really provide what it promises? Superfoods appeared on the market for the first time just a few years ago as a result...
07 Mar
From religious obligations to market opportunities
Being observant even when eating . In a multi-ethnic society , where the number of religious creeds involving food restrictions is increasing, this topic is extremely dear to many people . This way, the combination between ethics and business results in a market niche in constant growth. Kosher – the...
07 Mar
The organic food industry is growing at a fast pace boosting also the fresh food sector
The growth of the organic food industry is not slowing down. The growth of consumption, surfaces, and companies producing certified organic food is confirmed. In particular, The World of Organic Agriculture 2016 report presented by FiBL (German research institute) and IFOAM (International Foundation for Organic Agriculture) shows that the global...
07 Mar
Slovenia, Italy’s historic neighbour and business partner
It has a population just over two million – less than Rome – and its size can be compared to that of Veneto. However, thanks to its geographical and historical proximity, Slovenia is one of Italy’s major commercial partners. With exchanges worth € 6.29 billion in 2015 (according to the...
07 Mar
Packaged food is shifting into a higher gear
Is economy really recovering? While figures related to general consumption are still rather tentative, those related to packaged food – monitored by IRi , a world-leading market analysis company and partner of TUTTO FOOD – recorded a marked increase. The data of the progressive year observed in January 2017 indicate...


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