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Keep up-to-date on the latest innovations from TUTTOFOOD and the various stages as we approach the 2017 edition of the show.

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The Global Food Innovation Summit at TUTTOFOOD

Seeds&Chips, with TUTTOFOOD during 2017, was one of the top Food Innovation events worldwide that brings food & technology together from farm to fork and beyond!

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A digital platform, which offers great added value, that makes it possible to see the wealth of multimedia content before, during and after the show.

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TUTTOFOOD and the City of Milan organise MILANO FOOD CITY: a week of events linked to the world of food, to take place in Milan during 2019.

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Gelato, ready meals, pasta, bread, pizza, pastry items, seafood
Hard and soft cheeses, blue cheese, rich cheese, stretched cheese, pressed cheese, aged cheese, smoked cheese, fresh cheese, vegetable cream spreads, butter, milk, cream, ricotta, yogurt
Meat, cured meats, game, offal, entrails, ready-made dishes
Biscuits, candies, sugared almonds, nougat, chocolate, cream spreads, desserts, sweeteners, decorations for the confectionary industry, honey
Smoked fish, dried fish, tinned fish, fresh fish, processed and packaged fish
Mineral water, beer, coffee and the like, energy drinks, functional beverages, food & beverage for outside the home, wine, liquor and spirits
Flour, broth and soups, preserves, marinated food items, pickled food items, dried fruit, mushrooms, truffles, marmalades, mostarda, rice, grains, legumes, spices, aromas, eggs and related products.
Macrobiotic products, herbal products, vegan products, organic products
Bread, pizza, ready-made bases, snacks
Delicatessen, freeze-dried ready-made meals, sauces and condiments, typical regional products
Oil, vegetable fats
Fresh pasta, dry pasta, filled pasta


Photogallery and latest news

03 May
Seeds&Chips 2018: Don’t miss the future!
Have you heard of Moringa, the hottest new superfood? Have you ever eaten a hamburger made of meat but without meat? Do you want to learn how to transform your roof or even your whole house into a garden, without using any soil? How would you like to know how...
03 May
MMD: in February we filled our shopping baskets
How is 2018 shaping up for mass market distribution? The overall data for the first two-month period continues to be influenced by January’s ‘post-holiday’ slowdown, yet February suggests a turnaround. The second month of the year has seen double-digit growth for items such as packed meat ( +17% in February),...
03 May
TUTTOFOOD 2019: the new ingredients for an increasingly tasty recipe
The 2019 menu, at fieramilano from 6 to 9 May , envisages new ingredients for an ever-successful recipe. A first taste can be enjoyed at Milano Food City , from 7 to 13 May. The new partnership with the Umberto Veronesi Foundation will be making its debut alongside a revamped...
03 May
The other Milano Food City: unmissable events with TUTTOFOOD
This year, Fiera Milano and TUTTO FOOD will once again be part of Milan’s premium-quality food week, with an events schedule spanning from partnerships with leading events, such as Taste of Milano , to authentic ‘treats’ including SalumiAmo and Una Piccola Storia di Birra (A Brief History of Beer), and...
03 May
The new Retail Plaza by TUTTOFOOD will be making its debut at Milano Food City
Preparations for the new revamped version of Retail Plaza by TUTTO FOOD are under way, the event that sees producers, retailers and consumers share their knowledge and experience in preparation for their debut as part of a unique scenario: Milano Food City , an authentic food-related ‘fringe event’, will be...
03 May
The most ‘tasty’ talent can be found at Milano Food City
Can a cheese really become the protagonist of an extra special talent show and be ‘nominated’ by the tasters? At Milano Food City even this is possible thanks to the Cheese for People Awards , organised in collaboration with magazine Formaggi&Consumi , Il Viaggiator Goloso and with the support of...
03 May
The new ‘quick & chic’ tasting rituals interpreted by TUTTOFOOD
The Milanese ritual surrounding the aperitif embraces all-new interpretations at Milano Food City thanks to TUTTO FOOD . On the one hand, it adopts the suggestivity of good music, and on the other, merges with the ‘ street food ’ of Italy’s finest traditions. Quality finger food will share the...
03 May
TUTTOFOOD and Fondazione Umberto Veronesi at cooking school
Bimbi in cucina, mamme in classe (Kids in the kitchen, mums in the classroom). This Fondazione Umberto Veronesi food education project intends to provide the useful means to make conscientious food choices on a day-to-day basis, since a healthy diet can also be tasty, varied and appetising. The project is...
03 May
Students go grocery shopping in the future with TUTTOFOOD and Fondazione Umberto Veronesi
Do you want to enable your children to discover how the ‘right’ foods help them to stay healthy whilst also having fun? IoVivoSano - Alimentazione e DNA (Food and DNA) is a project developed by the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi, in collaboration with TUTTO FOOD . A captivating interactive exhibition ,...
03 May
At TUTTOFOOD headquarters celebrating comes ‘naturally’
There’s nothing better than a big celebration to get back in tune with nature. In this spirit, FederBio and TUTTO FOOD will be bringing the Festa del BIO to via Mercanti on 12 May as part of the Milano Food City event. It will be a unique opportunity to explore...


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