Better Future Award 2023

Fiera Milano, Rho

Better Future Award


GDOWEEK and MARK UP, in collaboration with TUTTOFOOD, organize the second edition of the BETTER FUTURE AWARD, an award dedicated to the food excellence showcased at the exhibition. A jury of industry experts will evaluate the competing products based on 3 categories: innovation, ethics and sustainability, and packaging.


It is possible to apply a product or project until 20 March 2023.


⠀Innovation award

The award is intended to recognise the value of companies that have distinguished themselves in product innovation, i.e. in the development of new products capable of guaranteeing a certain competitive edge, or in the improvement of those already on the market.

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⠀Ethics and
⠀sustainability award

Sustainability arouses interest among consumers, who recognise the importance of being active in CSR for all companies wishing to prosper in the future. The award will be given to companies that have distinguished themselves in the following areas: industrial and supply chain processes, greening, territory-community, education, labour, health, minorities and society, and the global south.

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⠀Packaging award

The evolution of packaging goes hand in hand with the evolution of the industrial world, of consumption, of the operating and logistic methods and with the ever-increasing attention to the environment. The award therefore aims to assess the design quality of packaging, in its communicative and functional dimensions, with great attention to the explanatory elements towards the final customer and environmental sustainability.

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REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 20 March 2023 at 10 a.m.