TUTTOFOOD marks a successful début in Canada, a significant commercial partner of the future


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TUTTOFOOD marks a successful début in Canada, a significant commercial partner of the future


· From now until the 2021 edition ad hoc initiatives will be developed to boost Canadian participation of exhibitors, buyers and visiting professionals


· Sales of food products in the Canadian Retail channel amounted to 86.43 billion euros of worth in 2018, driven by over 40 thousand businesses.


· In 2019 in Canada, out-of-home dining generated a turnover of 65.15 billion euros, up 4.2% compared to 2018 and up 6.2% for the Retail channel.


·  A market characterised by Millenials, who have their finger on the pulse of all the latest trends which will be showcased at TUTTOFOOD 2021




 TUTTOFOOD has Canada in its sights. On occasion of the 2021 edition, TUTTOFOOD has welcomed the country as one of its focus areas and on the run up to the event (from 17th to 20th May 2021 at fieramilano) it will develop a series of initiatives to boost the presence of Canadian exhibitors, with their original proposals, and buyers, on the look-out for specialities from Italy, Europe and the rest of the world.


There's more to this decision than just plain numbers, however. Over the last few years, thanks in part to a home and out-of-home market showing impressive numbers, USA's northern neighbour has caught up with its cousin south of the Niagara Falls, emerging as a melting pot of new trends.



An impressive home and out-of-home market


According to data elaborated by Statista, in 2018 sales of food and beverages in the Retail channel amounted to 124.22 billion Canadian dollars (CAD) (86.43 billion euros), of which 59.19 billion (€ 41.18 billion) through organised distribution channels and 37.99 (€ 26.43 billion) through independent stores. In total, there are over 40 thousand food stores. Ontario, home to Toronto, is the province with the highest number of food stores (9,519) and minimarkets (5,460) whereas Quebec, home to Montreal, distinguishes itself in virtue of the sheer number of convenience stores (2,996).



The out-of-home sector is also boasting impressive numbers. Restaurants Canada, the largest and most representative association of the industry in Canada, estimates that in 2019 the catering industry generated 93.64 billion CAD (65.15 billions euros) in turnover, thanks to a 4.2% increase compared to 2018. The lion's share is equally divided between fast food with 33.47 billion (€ 23.29 billion) and classic catering 33.18 (€ 23 billion). The segment with the highest growth rates is the Retail channel, up +6.2% in 2019.



Millenials and new trends are driving growth


A trend showing no signs of slowing down, driven above all by manyMillennials and Generation Zs. Once more, according to calculations by Statista, the average value of a shopping trolley is 48.21 CAD; Baby Boomers position themselves slightly below this average with 44.82 CAD and Millennials are decidedly above the average, with 55.45 CAD. Types of consumers for whom the difference between home and out-of-home dining is increasingly marginal, who regularly alternate between eating out, home delivery and home cooked meals, often on convivial occasions. Quality, natural, sustainable and healthy ingredients are always the common factor however.


This is decisively playing in favour of Made in Italy, also thanks to CETA, the treaty that since 2017 not only makes trade between Canada and the EU easier but also affords greater protection to designations of origin, which is a strength of the Italian offering. In Europe there has also been a growing interest in Canadian products, in addition to traditional fish and maple syrup. There are also more and more authentic peculiarities, such as the extra pure mineral water obtained from the perennial glaciers of the polar circle that was a great hit at TUTTOFOOD 2019.


Thanks to its constantly growing positioning as a hub enabling the convergence of international demand and offer in the Food & Beverage industry, TUTTOFOOD 2021 will be the perfect occasion for enhancing business opportunities and discovering the latest trends which are developing from increasing trade between countries on both sides of the Atlantic.


The 2019 edition of TUTTOFOOD was attended by 3,079 brands, 16% of which were international, from 43 different Countries, and 82,551 professional visitors, 23% from 143 different countries. 13,609 business meetings were organised, 92% of buyers stated they were satisfied or extremely satisfied and 91% would recommend visiting TUTTOFOOD to others.


For more information: www.tuttofood.it/en, @TuttoFoodMilano.