Waiting for TUTTOFOOD: food&beverage look ahead and continue to grow


Fiera Milano, Rho


Waiting for TUTTOFOOD: food&beverage look ahead and continue to grow

Agriculture and food business is hanging on. In fact, it’s on the up. This is especially thanks to exports, which for some markets have also grown in double figures. This is the picture that emerges from the numbers for the first half of this year, while waiting to take stock of the trends, partake in a little networking and develop business at TUTTOFOOD 2021, at fieramilano from 17 to 20 May.


After processing the Istat Coeweb data relating to the agriculture and food products sectors, what is revealed is that Italian F&B exports amounted to over 22 billion euro in the first six months of 2020, an increase of 3.5% compared to the same period in 2019. In the lead - with a value of 13.7 billion and an increase of + 5.4% in one year - are food products exports, followed by those of agriculture with 3 billion and a + 1.8% growth.


What are the most popular Italian food products abroad? Bakery products win the top spot on the podium with a value of 2.3 billion euro and a double-digit growth of no less than + 15.6%, followed by processed and preserved fruit and vegetables, exporting 1.9 billion, registering an increase of + 6%, and dairy products with 1.8 billion, up by + 0.8%.


As for the major destination markets, Japan recorded the greatest growth with + 16.9%, China, + 13.7% and Oceania at + 8%, with historical markets also performing well, such as Germany + 6.7%, Switzerland + 5.7%, the United States and France, both with + 4.2%. Another interesting fact is that exports are directed in a fairly balanced percentage to Europe and non-European markets, a sign that in recent years the Made-in-Italy companies have focused on the development of emerging markets. In particular, in the first half of this year, exports to the EU-27 (without the United Kingdom) touched 12.5 billion euro, while exports to the rest of the world accounted for more than 9.6 billion.


Among the Italian territories that have contributed most to exports, Emilia-Romagna leads the way, with over 4 billion, while Veneto and Lombardy complete the podium almost neck and neck, exporting 3.43 and 3.42 billion respectively, with Piedmont following a few lengths behind with about 3 billion. Above the billion mark in value are also Campania with almost 2 billion euro, Tuscany (1.26) and    Trentino-Alto Adige (1.16).


That the emergency has made nearly everyone rediscover the pleasure of food and experimenting in the kitchen is also confirmed by the data from companies in the household sector recorded in the commercial register which, between new and modified businesses, has already had 3,750 new entries since January.


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