IRI data for TUTTOFOOD: seasonal products standing out

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IRI data for TUTTOFOOD: seasonal products standing out

According to IRI, April saw a sharp increase in seasonal products, fresh cakes and packaged meats. Pasta and food groceries were also very good.

After two years in which Italians were unable to properly celebrate Easter due to the pandemic, this year the holiday was experienced with greater enthusiasm and participation. This was confirmed by the surveys conducted for TUTTOFOOD 2023 by IRI on the sales in retail trade. In general, there was a great exploit of Seasonal Products between January and April, with a growth of nearly 15% (14.5%) to reach a threshold of nearly 600 million euros in value (594 million euros). Partly thanks to the rediscovered freedom of movement, April showed an abnormal peak of +2,747.4%, accounting for 345 million in value.


Still in the context of a consumer who is once again looking for gratification, Fresh Sweets are holding a significant spot, with a growth of 16.2% to reach sales for 124 million euros between January and April. The increase of 18.2% registered in April brings the monthly threshold closer to nearly 30 million (28 to be precise).



Between pasta, meat and food groceries


Since the beginning of the year, Total Packaged Food has continued to resist (-0.5%), remaining above the threshold of 17 billion in value (17,205 million). The most surprising figure is the double-digit growth registered in April (10%), for a total of 4,228 million, only partly attributable to inflationary pressures. Packaged Meat continues to grow, with an increase of more than 8% (8.4%), for a total of 359 million euros in these four months. Once again April registered a strong growth, favoured by Easter barbecues, with an 8% increase, for a total value of 83 million euros. Therefore, it is confirmed that plant-based alternatives are actually more complementary than competitive with respect to traditional meats.


One of the main trends of the lockdown period also confirmed itself: the consumption of Pasta, which reaffirms its double-digit growth (16.3%) between January and April, for a total of 431 million euros in value.  During the month of April there was a great exploit of Food Groceries, with a growth of 22.3% to reach 1,842 million euros in value. The search for ingredients seems to confirm another trend triggered by the pandemic, that of "home chefs".


Finally, the Beverage segment keeps bouncing back, propelled by the re-openings in the out-of-home and holiday sectors. Between January and March, the trade of Alcoholic Beverages, Non-alcoholic Beverages, Beer and Wine in the channel of Beverage Wholesalers (Integrated and Consortia) boomed by nearly 150% (149.4%) to reach almost 700 million euros (678 million euros). In March, the growth was nearly 250% (249.8%), for a total value of 288 million euros