New ingredients enliven great holiday classics

Fiera Milano, Rho


New ingredients enliven great holiday classics

Italian and international companies exhibiting at TUTTOFOOD show their ability to constantly innovate, combine the most authentic foods of their areas with new needs and products.

Time for the holidays, time for traditions. However, for the past few years, traditions have been intertwined with innovation to offer products that combine attention to authenticity with new consumer demands, such as healthy and free-from, and hints of international origins. TUTTOFOOD, Italy's leading event in the agrifood supply chains - the next edition will be held at fieramilano from May 8 to 11, 2023 - has always been the trade fair where to preview product and process innovation in Food & Beverage, enhancing Made in Italy in the context of a strong international presence.


A boost carried out not only at the exhibition time but also throughout the year. For example, with TUTTOFOOD's Observatory that - thanks to Fiera Milano's constant interaction with the supply chains - makes it possible to anticipate firsthand insights into trends, with info gathered from those who deal with food "in the field", starting with producers.


Let's start with the true centerpiece of every holiday table, which can only be dessert. From a typically Milanese Christmas bakery product, panettone has long since become a classic reinterpreted according to multiple regional, and even international, traditions. Here's how Agata Fiasconaro, Marketing and Communications Manager of the Sicilian confectionery company by the same name, tells about this year's latest "reincarnation." "We offer the new Cherry and Strawberry Panettone, which enhances the most authentic flavors of the area by marrying fresh mint with the fruity notes of semi-candied strawberries and topping with Liccia cherry jam and pink chocolate. And more: for the Fiasconaro-Dolce&Gabbana line, a Chocolate Panettone in the two dark and milk variants, embellished with orange paste. A gourmande jewel, encased in a tin inspired by the colors of Sicilian majolica. Last but not least, the new Soft Torroncini with Avola Almonds and Sicilian Pistachios also from the Dolce&Gabbana and Fiasconaro Collection."



SMEs of excellence, not just Italy


The search for a combination of tradition and innovation characterizes not only Made in Italy, but also foreign manufacturers. Contrary to common perception, not only multinational corporations, but often small and medium-sized companies of excellence do exist, just like in Italy. "Above all, our country has two great food traditions: fishing and cheese," explains Tom Sijl, Commercial Director of Dutch Daily Dairy, "which have a special history in our region. Here, in fact, there was an inland sea, the Zuiderzee, dotted with fishing villages. But with the construction of the large dam it became a lake, the IJsselmeer, and the fishermen returned to be master cheese makers. They did this without forgetting their origins. The North Sea fish remains the star of the holiday table, along with classic cheeses such as Gouda and Maasdam, but also special ones such as young goat cheese or Paulus, flavored with the abbey beer by the same name."


Product and process innovation have been front and center at TUTTOFOOD since the first edition, with the presence of companies of excellence of all sizes hailing from Italy and from more than 40 countries around the world. The next exhibition will take place at fieramilano from 8 to 11 May 2023 Find out here how to be featured as an exhibitor. To participate as a professional visitor, go to this page.