Producers are the protagonists of innovation at TUTTOFOOD 2023

Fiera Milano, Rho

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Producers are the protagonists of innovation at TUTTOFOOD 2023

From niche products such as annurca apple, to sustainable seafood, from new horizons of pasta, to 'green' preserved fruit: green and sustainable future will be on show.

Especially after the experience of pandemics and lockdowns, we have all learnt that true innovation, to be such, must be sustainable. It is a process stimulated by a growing awareness among consumers, but also by an awareness among companies: nowadays, not only large multinationals, but also small and medium-sized companies understand and put into practice corporate social responsibility principles, starting with their products. We met some of the most interesting ones.


Great product focus by Francesco Del Prete, Founder and Managing Director of Pastificio Del Prete: “To meet the needs of our customers, our production is increasingly focused on the purity of fillings. We prefer 'clean' and distinct single-ingredient flavours without the addition of other elements that could 'stain' the end result. We use no preservatives and process all components on the same day as they arrive. Nowadays, when it comes to food, we can't help but think about people with intolerances, which is why in our fillings we don't use lactose or other ingredients that might not be acceptable. For us this is a very important opportunity to make our products known in Italy but also worldwide, given the large number of international buyers.


An example of how niches can be exploited by combining tradition and innovation is provided by Acetificio Milano: “In order to meet the growing demand of consumers looking for high quality but also innovative and 'good' products for health, this year we have just launched a Campania Annurca apple IGP vinegar, the first monocultivar apple vinegar with traceability of the supply chain (certified ISO 22005 standard) from field to table” explains Fabio Milano, Export and Marketing Manager. “Described as the 'queen of apples', Annurca has always been known for the distinct quality of its fruit, pleasantly tart and juicy, capable of captivating everyone thanks to its characteristic aroma and very fine scent. For us, Tuttofood represents an essential appointment that we cannot give up. The reference showcase for the entire food industry of Made in Italy.”


Andrea Eminente, Managing Director of Unifrigo Gadus, an Italian leading company in the importation and marketing of salted codfish, explains that “Nowadays, centuries of experience, search for quality and reliability are necessary but not sufficient elements. Consumers want more and demand diversification, product innovation and above all a guarantee of all-round sustainability. This also means communicating in a different way. We dedicated a product line, Scudo Genova, to younger consumer groups that are even more demanding. A new brand that speaks the language of young people through fresh communication and crisp graphics, so as to work better in communication and on social media. Finally, we made great investments in sustainability. We are collaborating with MSC and at TUTTOFOOD we will present the first products certified by the international organisation that protects sustainable fishing.


Another sector of great interest is the selection and marketing of preserved fruit, vegetable preserves, dried fruit, natural sweeteners and savoury snacks, in which stands out the company Sama. “We started our business with canned fruit, in particular pineapple and peaches, and for us the evolution in the direction of sustainability and healthiness meant that we had to diversify production by introducing, alongside the more traditional products, fruit preserved in pure natural juice, without added sugar”, explains CMO Giampiero Lippolis. “For organic enthusiasts, we always offer fruit preserved in organic, 100% natural agave and maple syrup. These are flavours of yesteryear that are increasingly being rediscovered today. In addition to fruit, we also process vegetables, always with the same criteria. Great quality at the source, few seasoning and flavours to be left as natural as possible. TUTTOFOOD is the right place for this kind of activity and to introduce ourselves to our Italian target buyers.”


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