Between essentials and small treats, packaged food holds out in large-scale retail trade


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Between essentials and small treats, packaged food holds out in large-scale retail trade

The data about the Italian large-scale distribution collected by Circana for the TUTTOFOOD Observatory highlighted some goods that are running faster than inflation. Let's find out which they are.

For large-scale distribution, 2023 opened with increases in value in line with inflation. As a matter of fact, in January, according to the surveys by Circana (the new entity born from the merger of IRI and NPD) for the TUTTOFOOD Observatory, sales of packaged food in this channel grew by 9.6% to reach 4,287 million euros.


Despite contingency-related variations along supply chains, some important indications with respect to consumer trends also came from the month's best performers. These seem to be increasingly polarized between essentials and comfort foods in which to indulge from time to time.


Among the latter, for example, sweet meals recorded a 12.9% increase in value to reach 204 million, while the average price increase was 7.5%. The value of fresh sweets sales also grew by more than the average price, reaching 32 million thanks to a +17.8%, while the change in average price was 12.4%. As for the essentials, the good performance of packaged meats continued with sales for 96 million euros thanks to a 12.4% increase in value that contrasts with a 7.5% increase in the average price.


With respect to beverages (December data), alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, beer and wine distributed within the wholesalers channel (integrated and consortia) closed 2022 with sales for a value of 3,875 million euros, booming by more than a third (+34.9%) against an annual average price increase of only 4.7%. A figure that, in all likelihood, continues to reflect the very positive recovery of the out-of-home sector.


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